*Camera-Ready Artwork: To Achieve a high-quality reproduction of your logo or design, it is essential that we have production-ready artwork. Art files can be e-mailed to If electronic art is not available, please submit the most precise and complete camera-ready artwork as possible. Stationery, business cards, photos, decals, or fax copies are usable but not optimal forms for reproduction. A minimum of 600 DPI laser prints are acceptable. Typesetting and design services are available and billed at $45 per hour ($25 minimum); an estimate will be provided for approval.

If artwork is not provided at least five days prior to the scheduled work-order print date, the date may be moved to the next available production time slot.

*Color Matching: We make a special effort to blend our inks to closely match special color requests. No charge or minimum quantity applies for special ink blends. Please supply a Pantone Matching System (PMS) number or a color sample for us to match.

*Multicolor Designs: Add $0.95 per additional ink color for 72-287 piece orders. Add $0.65 per additional color for orders 288 pieces and more. Additional screen-prep charges may apply. Industry standards consider 1/16" to be an acceptable level variance in registration, although Glass Tech strives to achieve a higher standard.

*Set-Up & Additional Charges: A one-time $45 charge per image design and/or size applies. When using combined quantity pricing we charge $7.50 per tool, screen or ink change when necessary.

*Trademark & Copyright Logos: Trademark, copyright, and registered designs are imprinted for authorized users only. Glass Tech waives all responsibility of infringement. It is the responsibility of the user to obtain permission for use of the logo, and it is assumed by Glass Tech that permission has been obtained. We may require written authorization from the owner or holder of the trademark, copyright or registered design.

*Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery, depending on merchandise availability. F.OB. Hillsboro, Oregon for UPS and common carrier. Merchandise delivered by our truck on scheduled delivery trips within the Portland/Metro area is $30.

*There may occasionally be very slight variations or imperfections in the glassware or ceramic products. These are not considered to be flaws and cannot be returned to the glass or ceramic factories. By placing an order for a glass or ceramic item, the buyer therefore agrees to these conditions. Since Glass Tech endeavors to always achieve a high standard of quality, the most unacceptable pieces are dicarded. The tolerance level is three percent (3%).

*Damages/Shortages: When shipping via UPS or common carrier, goods are shipped at buyer's risk. Please follow the directions on the shipping documents for claims processing. If assistance is needed, please call within 7 days of receipt of goods. Damages/shortages must be noted and signed by the delivery carrier, or the UPS LDI claim number, whichever applies. Deductions from our invoice must be authorized in advance by our accounting department.

*Returns: Returns will be allowed only in cases of defective merchandise or defective imprint and must be authorized in advance by your sales contact. No returns are allowed beyond 30 days of receipt of shipment.

*We accept Visa and Mastercard. Credit terms will be issued only upon approval of completed and signed application. Accounts over 30 days will be charged 2% monthly (26.82% APR). Finance charges will remain open on account until paid. Terms will be revoked with repeated credit policy abuse. A $25 fee will be added to outstanding invoice balances for each NSF check.